The best surgeon in the world would be of no value to you if he or she was unreachable.

Our # 1 goal at Nova is to provide you with a prompt response to your retirement concerns. By doing this they are less likely to ever reach emergency proportions. There are often simple, inexpensive ways to meet your objectives as long as someone will take the time to determine what they are. We will listen and we will provide advice based on years of experience.

This is the way I have operated my business for more than 25 years. It is a way that puts you and your needs foremost. I sincerely believe you will enjoy the experience of working with our caring professionals.

Nova's roots date back to 1979, shortly after the pension world was rocked by the landmark ERISA legislation. The actions of the US Congress were designed to eliminate the flagrant abuses of the private pension system. Although some of the primary objectives were realized, many new problems were created. When the dust finally settled the system had become extremely complicated and the penalties for non compliance with the law were potentially devastating.

Since its inception Nova has been dedicated to providing quality pension servicing at a reasonable fee. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail which has resulted in an enviable record of safe-guarding the interests of our clients. For more than two decades Nova has been establishing a solid reputation as a leader in the small-plan market. These have been years marked by numerous new pension laws including several major revisions. Despite these changes, Nova continues to maintain expertise in all areas of the qualified plan field.

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Art Dilley

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