The Cutting Edge!

Our Homepage will be modified from time to time to reflect timely information related to pension plans. Topics may include new IRS regulations as well as features designed to identify opportunities for pension sponsors and plan participants.

FEE DISCLOSURE - Recent IRS regulations emphasize more transparency related to fee disclosure. New rules impose specific reporting requirements on plan sponsors and product providers.

PLAN LIMITS - Plan limits essentially remained unchanged from 2009 ? 2011. 2012 limits include cost of living increases. See our Pension A.B.C.?s tab for specifics.

CASH BALANCE PLANS - These defined contribution/defined benefit hybrids have become increasingly popular for plan sponsors interested in maximizing retirement contributions and benefits. For a no-obligation proposal contact

ELECTRONIC FILING FORM 5500 - The IRS has reversed an earlier provision forbidding anyone from electronically submitting Form 5500 except for the Plan Administrator. Various consultants and advisors can now prepare and submit the annual information return when certain conditions are met.